The Best Guide Using a Loan for a Holiday

Many people want to enjoy the summer vacations or the holidays by traveling to a different tourist spot and want to experience the joy and happiness of these trips. Traveling is the best way to gain some knowledge about food habits, special varieties of the areas, to view the natural beauty and so on.  It helps to get relaxed for some time and also to reduce our stress levels while traveling.

People who are the good planners in which they want to concentrate on saving money for some of the tour packages prior before the trip.  But still, there are few people who do not want to spend their hard earned money in traveling due to an insufficient amount of money available to them.  They may be interested in these trips but lack of money may stop them in planning for the trip.

A traveling to different places may be due to the relation’s wedding day or birthday party, or it may be a honeymoon trip or around the world trip.  Whatever the reasons may be, there are many low rate interest loans are available in order to fulfill your dreams.  To get more information regarding the travel loans and to know the different interest just click the following link

Before arranging for the loans it is better to understand the pros and cons of this travel loan offered by different banks.  A holiday loan or a travel loan is nothing but arranging the sufficient money apart from your savings by availing bank loans with low interest so that you can repay it whenever possible or either through monthly installments.

Some of the advantages of this holiday loan are that you can repay the loan whenever it is possible may be within the three to five years duration.  It helps you to make up your mind to include the holiday loan on your family budget and make necessary adjustment accordingly.  Even you can choose the option of repaying monthly with the easy installments.  It is the easiest way to avail the loans as soon as possible.

But still, there are some disadvantages like the people with the good credit scores are offered holiday loans whereas the people with the low-credit scores may not avail this opportunity.  If you fail to repay, it becomes a black mark on your financial career.

Holiday Packing Tips: The Best Guide To Packing Like A Pro

There is one thing that most travelers dread about – packing. But if you have the right accessories and if you learn a few tricks you can pack like a pro. As a rule of thumb, travel light. Carrying very few things, only the essentials would make it easy for you to focus on the travel rather than on carrying a bulky bag or safeguarding your bag.

Invest in travel bag organizers

You can pack a whole week’s clothes in a travel backpack. But the key is to be able to pack everything tightly while also keeping them accessible. You would be able to find plenty of cool fashion accessories on Buying the right accessories for travel can go a long way in determining the time taken to pack your bags and the size of the bag required. Travel organizers include tinier bags or pouches that can be used to sort and segregate your clothes and lingerie.

Begin with the basics

Pack clothes that make it easy to add layers to be able to tackle sudden climate changes. You cannot travel without a pair of basic tees and comfortable denim pants or shorts.

Know the weather

Study about the local weather conditions of the place you are visiting. This makes it easy to pick weather appropriate clothes. Buying clothes in the new place might sometimes be more expensive than buying them in your local stores.

Packing the toiletries

Finally, the toughest part to tackle is packing the toiletries and cosmetics. There are air-travel friendly bottles and containers. These are handy to carry shampoo, body lotion, face wash, and other skin care products. They can also avoid spills and leaks from spoiling the rest of the contents in the bag. Invest in a good quality travel bag for cosmetics.…

7 Simple Tips for a Smoother Trip

Whether you are a frequent traveler with a lot of destinations ticked off already or are traveling for the first time, we all are looking for simple tips that can save our time, money and stress during the trip. Traveling is a chance to learn about new places; new culture and a totally new experience and we all definitely want to make it memorable.

1) Check-in early: Many airlines keep the emergency and bulkhead seats blocked until someone physically checks in, so if you want to travel with little more leg space, check-in early and ask for these seats.

2) Choose the best card: Carry the best credit or travel card that let you do the transactions without any additional fees for international transactions. You can just use your card and avoid carrying too much cash.

3) Carry the camera and other things: You need your camera to capture all the lovely moments and places you experience during your trip. Also, check out these best binoculars under 200 to add it to your experience.

4) Get food faster on the flight: If you want to finish up your food fast and rest for remaining flight, ask for specialized meals like medical meals, low carbs, low sodium or diabetic meals that are served first.

5) Long layovers: Many airlines offer free accommodation, meals and transfer for layover longer than 6 hours. Check if your airlines provide this option before you book your tickets.

6) Download offline maps: It is better to have local maps downloaded on your phone in case you do not have an internet connection.

7) Snacks: The airlines provide you adequate food for your journey but carrying some quick snacks items like granola bars can come in handy when you are super hungry and there is still time for next meal to be served.…

5 tips for your safe travel in the dark

The night is the time for sleep, rather than it being the right time to travel or ride vehicles. Though there are m, any good streetlights and highway light some of them are not switched on due to current saving tactics by the government. But these are the most important solutions for preventing night time accidents.

And even if you are a night worker who gets good sleep during the day, our body gets restless during the night hours and driving at such times is quite critical. Let us see some quick tips published by

  • Windows: windows of the vehicle need to be clean and clear to get a proper sight of the road ahead and also about other vehicles. If your windows are dusty and dirty you can’t predict the signs and also routes what other vehicles take.
  • Pay attention to your lights: keep an eye on the lights ahead of you and of the other vehicles that cross by. Sometimes when you are distracted by lights from other vehicles you are at risk of accidents. Also, keep periodic checks on your headlights and their working conditions.
  • Regular breaks: if you are on a long duration drive, take breaks often and get refreshed with some tea or coffee so that you don’t feel tired and sleepy while driving. Also, avoid eating stomach full which may cause any indigestion issues during travel. Hence keep yourself hydrated and fresh while bound to travel long.
  • Check your eyesight: set up for a timely eye check-up and get ensured that you don’t have any problem like short sight or long sight and also check on the fact that you needn’t wear lenses or glasses for better vision. If that is a must do follow it for the road safety of everyone.
  • Beware of hazards: keep yourself aware and vigilant of other people who are driving along with you. Especially focus on cyclists and pedestrians who may not be visible at dark. Hence when you cross by such places be extra cautious.

Thus make sure to be clear about all these when you are a regular night traveler.…

Why Travel Abroad for Medical Treatment

Traveling to abroad for medical treatment has become viral now and we are able to see many of our relatives and friends are going abroad to get relief for their problems. Is this really a good thing and is there medicines and treatment in abroad for all the diseases? The answer is really a big no. Because we cannot assure that our problems and diseases will get cured when we go out of our country for getting treatments. There are some excellent medical centers in various countries which will be specialized for some unique disease.

There is no guarantee that our disease will be cured definitely when we travel abroad. Some countries have very good doctors who are specialized for some diseases. So, when we hear some good words about them, then we will start feeling to visit that doctors to cure our problems. There are many positives and negatives in medical tourism for getting treatments. Let us first discuss the advantages.

  1. We will be able to get the quality treatment care when we choose some foreign countries.
  2. We will be able to get treated for our diseases with lesser cost. When a treatment costs much in one country, it will be very less in another country. So, at that time, we can choose medical tourism wisely.
  3. The availability of services will be more in foreign hospitals. We have treatments for almost all the diseases in foreign countries and this is the main reason why people are going abroad for their treatments.

Though there are some pros in medical tourism, there are some cons too in it.

  1. Though the treatment cost will be low, the traveling cost that is the flight charges and the accommodation will be very high.
  2. There will be no assurance of getting relieved from the diseases.

We can read more about medical tourism by clicking

How to Stop Worrying About Work When You Go on Holiday

We are strange; umm sometimes!

When we are at work, we love to go on adventurous hikes and enjoy water washing our feet. But when we are there at the shore when only sunbathing should be on our mind, we think of what has conspired at the office meeting scheduled that day!

Of course, I have always been this weird!

I am passionate about the work I do which is a wonderful attribute on most days but not exactly when I am on a holiday.

I don’t mind unwinding for a couple of days but I have realized that two days into my vacation, I begin stressing about the work at the office and what opportunities I might be missing. To add to the misery I keep checking on the official website and colleagues that does not help too much!

I decided to take matters into my hand when I read about it on a fantastic website called exit-5. It said that I needed to clearly demarcate my boundaries before I leave for vacation. Writing down and affirming it once again to myself did wonders and I clearly gave standing instructions to all my colleagues via email that they should not disturb me with any kind of trivial issues unless there is an earthquake and we were going to lose all our data on the server; the exact verbatim examples that I preferred to give them. I also made it clear that they should not entertain my emails if I happen to ask them “what’s up” at the office. They can simply read it or let it sit in their inbox till the date that I return to re-join. I am sure they were amused and probably had a hearty laugh! But of course!!

Also, I needed to be able to detox myself after the vacation, so I had to eat healthily and drink lots of fluids before I touched down so that no nasty surprises were waiting for me at the office in the form of the dope test! Of course, there are tricks and tips at that website that I mentioned above. Read it, folks, you never know when it can be useful!!

So ist Youtube entstanden

YouTube is huge today and the number of users of YouTube is sporadically increasing as we speak. This did not happen overnight. The channel was perhaps not created with the expectation that so many applications would one day be possible. But here it is today, as one of the most popular video sharing platforms in the world. In the social media realm, this channel has a significant place. If given a choice to pick just a handful of channels to use in digital media people are very likely to pick YouTube as one of the choices. And if you check out the website you will understand how marketing assistants like these are helping businesses put social media to good use. With all this happening currently with YouTube, are you curious to know how it all began?

  1. The domain was launched on February 14, 2005. This was a channel founded by Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley.
  2. With sound knowledge in computer technology and has worked in PayPal, the trio came together to create an easy to use video sharing platform to upload videos and then share them with others.
  3. It was a company that started out small with the help of angel investments and today there are so many out there who earn revenue from this channel.
  4. Within a year after the inception, the company or rather the channel showed prominent growth and was recognized as one of the quickest expanding companies in the world.
  5. There are rumors that tell that the idea behind YouTube dawned when the reality struck the founders that sharing videos through email was not something that could easily happen way back then. Even today most of the mail clients have stringent limits on the size of the attachments on the email.

Millions and millions of people today use YouTube for sharing videos and to show their creative side.…

Die beliebtesten Cosplays

Beliebte Cosplays sind nie konstant und verändern sich ständig. Die Leute würden sich gerne verkleiden wie Ihr Lieblingscharakter und gehen große Länge, um den Look perfekt zu machen. Der Perfektionismus im Kostüm und die Accessoires machen das Cosplay CosplayHero populär. Die Leute nehmen an verschiedenen Wettbewerben teil, die ihren cospalyhero spielen. Bei Wettkämpfen darf man die Kostüme nicht kaufen. Die Kostüme und Accessoires müssen von Ihnen kreiert werden.

Die Menschen reisen um die Welt und zeigen ihren Cosplay-Charakter. Es erfordert große Anstrengung und Geduld, um die besten Kostüme zu machen. Sie wollen es am besten nutzen. Daher versuchen die Teilnehmer, so viel wie möglich zu besuchen, um Ihr Kostüm populär zu machen. Im folgenden sind nur wenige der Cosplays aufgelistet, die sehr beliebt sind.

Dave Form homestruck-das war ein ziemlich beliebter Charakter vor ein paar Jahren.

Harley Quinns-dieser Charakter ist schwer unbemerkt zu bleiben, wenn er mit einem riesigen schlittenhammer herumläuft.

Deadpool-es ist einer der begehrten und populären Charaktere, die gespielt werden. Die Entstehung des Kostüms ist auch vergleichsweise einfacher und das ist einer der Gründe, warum viele Menschen diesen Charakter spielen.

Disney-Prinzessinnen-Disney-Prinzessinnen sind alle Zeit Favorit der Damen. Cinderella, snowhite, Rapunzel, etc. benutzten, um die Ereignisse zu beherrschen. Nachdem Film Frozen veröffentlicht wurde, entscheiden sich die meisten Damen, sich wie die Eiskönigin Elsa verkleidet zu haben.  Disney Princess wird nie aus der Mode kommen und wird durch draußen populär bleiben. Nur ein Wandel würde passieren, dass mehr Prinzessinnen und Königinnen in die Liste aufgenommen werden.

Pokemon-Charaktere-Video Spiel-Charaktere sind ziemlich populär und unter den vielen sind Pokémon-Charaktere am meisten verkleidet und weithin gesehen. Der Wahnsinn des Videospiels kann in diesen Ereignissen gesehen werden, wenn die Menschen sich wie die Charaktere in Videospielen verkleiden.…

Die verschiedenen Surfsportarten

Wenn es um den Kauf eines Surfboards geht, gibt es viele Sorten. Sie würden mehrere solcher Surfbretter auf surflagune finden. Während das Surfbrett in so vielen Formen und Größen erhältlich ist, kann der Surf Sport selbst von vielen Arten sein. Es gibt Klassifizierungen, die auf den verschiedenen Arten von Wellengang wie Wind-und Boden Schwellungen basieren, und es gibt verschiedene Arten von Waves wie Reformen, Nahaufnahmen, Doppel-ups und mehr. Und wenn es ums Surfen geht, sind die beliebtesten Arten Kitesurfen, Windsurfen und SUP.

Kitesurfen, wie der Name schon sagt, ist die Art des Surf Sports, bei dem die Windkraft mit Hilfe eines großen Drachens genutzt wird. Es gibt einen steuerbaren Drachen, der mit dem Surfbrett befestigt ist, und der Surfer modifiziert den Verlauf seines Surfens, indem er die Bewegung des Drachens ändert. Das ist vielleicht ein bisschen schwierig für die Anfänger zu lernen.


Das ist etwas, was Surfer auch beim ersten Mal auf dem flachen Wasser lernen und üben können. Auf dem Surfbrett steht ein Segel, mit dem sich das Brett durch die Windrichtung steuern lässt. Unterschiedliche Windverhältnisse erfordern unterschiedlich große Segel. Der leichteste Wind könnte auch in diesem Spaß und leicht zu erlernen, die Art des Surf Sports genutzt werden.


Stand Up Paddle oder SUP nutzt ein relativ größeres Surfbrett. In diesem Fall wird auch ein Messer Paddel eingesetzt. Ähnlich wie beim Paddeln auf einem Boot gleitet der Surfer mit dem Single Blade Paddle auf seinem Surfbrett. Es gibt in diesem Fall keine Abhängigkeit vom Wind. Dies ist eine relativ neue Art von Surf Sport, die in der letzten Zeit viel Popularität erlangt hat. Dies ist besonders in den meisten touristischen Orten beliebt. Das ist auch für die ruhigeren Meere ohne viele Wellen ein toller Sport.…

Best Travel Hacks that Will Make You A Better Traveller

The travel hacks you will require; from guaranteeing you from missing a trip to getting your personalized tour guide, from ensuring your gadgets are continually attempting to providing some VIP care, it is detailed here. Here are some tips you’ll consider how you at any point managed to find the best travel tripod.

  1. Never buy water at the airplane terminal

Recently, it’s stricter with regards to taking bottles of water. Hence, rather than getting an unopened bottle of water, get an empty one and refill it once the security check is done with.

  1. Roll your garments for more space

This is the best tip for traveling that exists. Instead of neatly folding up the clothes, roll it up like a cylinder. This spares lots of space and prevents wrinkles and creases.

  1. Get a portable phone charger

Though this may appear somewhat shortsighted, it’s extremely valuable. Basically, these go about as an outside battery you can charge independently utilizing a USB connector or even recharge with a locally acquired battery. Worth having one of these for possible later use in the event of a crisis.

  1. Check the baggage as fragile

Not exclusively does this mean your luggage will probably be taken care of accurately, additionally your bag will be kept on top in storage areas. What’s more, you’ll recover your baggage soon.

  1. Utilize ATMs or cash machines to attain local currency

These days it’s better to utilize these robotized innovations to obtain local currency, rather than proceeding to the nearby exchanges. Cash converters often levy huge charges and massive forex rates.

  1. Stay away from bulky clothing

By far, this can be considered as the best tip on the list. Select the fabrics appropriately.

Clothes like wool are light, yet awesome at holding heat. You can get lighter cardigans that are comfortable, particularly when joined with a light waterproof coat.…

The Best Travels Trips to Take in Your 40s, 50s and Beyond

Sitting at the office desk for your lifetime gets monotonous and you surely require a break. You may have to wait for a savings balance and these are affordable holidays with a solution to all budgets. Check out The Best Travels Trips to Take in Your 40s, 50s and Beyond to get the best list of places.

  1. Road Trip Through Belgium – You’ll find all classic and vintage relics, art, canals, bridges and bell towers. Other must – sees are the historic civic squares and spectacular university towns – Ghent & Mons.

  1. The Beaten Path of Italy – The beautiful scenic travel through UNESCO World Heritage Site – vibrant small villages along coastline of Liguria. Only few cars can drive but travel is for all fitness levels by foot, train or ferry.

  1. Road Trip Through Western National Parks – It is an unforgettable experience to trek through the natural picturesque national parks with abundant wildlife and take a boat ride at Snake River by the Grand Teton National Park.

  1. San Miguel de Allende – Many retirees go to visit this property which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Mexico. There is favorable climate, colonial architecture, global shopping experience, friendly people, safe environment, and culture opportunities. You’ll find interesting giant puppets if you attend a carnival, elaborate birthday party or wedding, etc.

  1. A Luxury Cruise in Alaska – Take a ride on jet boat or float on a river with icebergs set amidst snow mountains, landscape, and glaciers. Visit quiet bays and sea ports at the Inside Passage in Alaska which is an expedition cruise where you do more than see. Boat rides, yachting, and luxury cruises are latest trips to enjoy after retirement. There are all types of boats, ships, kayaks, jet boating, and superyachts at for sale for your lifetime holiday.

How Couples Plan Their Holiday: Are You the Producer or the Director?

The reality of a majority of couples’ life is that there is always one dominant member in the relationship; one who calls the shots. There are times when the roles reverse but that is rare and uncommon. The one time the true character or capabilities of a person come to the forefront is when they travel together.

Planning a holiday as a couple is not easy. Many couples usually have the worst showdowns during a vacation and the blame game often ends in separation.

So, for those looking for some advice read on.

A vacation as a couple must be treated like a business trip where both the parties must be equally involved and contribute significantly to their time, money and insight. You should don specific roles -one can take the complete responsibility of booking tickets, talking to the hotels for reservations and coordinating with the hotel for sightseeing.

Partner two can take over the arrangements in the location by planning a comprehensive itinerary for each day of the stay.

Both the roles require patience, time and reading through umpteen reviews on various travel websites for good deals and travel advice. Incidentally, you can check out Lockthecock for more information on traveling as a couple.

Why spoil you’re romantic together when a little forethought, sufficient planning, and healthy discussion can smoothen the process of holiday planning. If things can’t be shared then you can assume the roles of the director and the producer. While one of you decides the budget the other can do the hard work of a director and do the groundwork for a satiating and a satisfying holiday.

Remember each of you is making the decision based on a few reviews and pictures on Instagram or Facebook; reality can be very different from what you visualize or see online. Hence, don’t be hard on your partner for things that go wrong. Nobody wants to spoil a vacation, a romantic one at that. Have the heart to laugh when things turn out bad and go for some retakes in the upcoming holidays.

The Must Have Travel Gadgets for Your Summer Holidays

Going on a summer holiday to your favorite destination. Other than basic essentials these are the must have travel gadgets for your summer holidays. This is a short guide to the same.

  1. Plus Us: LifeCard

This is simple as a credit card and fits easily into your purse! This is in case your battery has drained out your LifeCard has 1500 mAh capacity. The stainless steel material looks sleek, feels good and keeps it from damage. Select from mirror polish stainless steel for flashy design, gold sheen or brushed copper types.

  1. Polarized Lens Sunglasses

This is necessary for beach goers and those going on a sea side adventure or watersports, etc. The light reflects off the water and glares into your eyes. This pair of snglasses offers to 100% anti-glare against UVA/ UVB harmful rays.

  1. Karrimor Dry Bag

You may want to go for a splash in the waters then currencies, smartphones, etc. cannot get wet. So you can pack these valuable gadgets that cannot get wet with water.

  1. Aukey Power Bank

It gives an amazing 10000 mAh battery capacity so that you can travel without stress of battery going off. It helps to protect from overheating and overcharging also. It comes with scratch proofing case with two charging ports for an additional device.

  1. Swimsuit/ Snorkelling Set

Going surfing or underwater on your summer holiday is sure so do take along suitable swimming gear. Make sure to carry a powerful sunscreen & waterproof cam too. For those who love to catch the panoramic view under the oceans the [4-Piece Set] Snorkel Set – Snorkeling Gear – Snorkel Mask Full Face – Snorkeling Set Adult Kids & Youth + Extra Diving Fins Dry Bag & Anti Fog Spray – Gopro & Scuba Dive Gear – Easy Go Pro Head Mount is best. They come with adjustable fins, and on special deals there is a bonus spray & dry bag to keep cellphones, etc. dry.

The Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Traveling

When it comes to mistakes we make while traveling then everyone makes it. It doesn’t matter if it is your first or tenth trip mistakes always happen. Here are top five mistakes people make while traveling. Read them out and make sure you won’t make them.

#1 Overpacking

It is the most happening mistake that almost everyone makes. As being a traveler, you should always pack light, pack only your very essential things and for clothes keep it to the minimum. You are traveling to visit destinations not to do the fashion runway. So keep one pair of shoes and minimum clothes.

#2 Not Buying The Phone Plan

The second most important thing is to keep your phone plan ready for that location. Many travelers feel anxious because they don’t know a proper plan. So research about the plans and activate them before leaving your home.

#3 Not Having The Local Currency

Having local currency before you step out of the airport is a wise thing. You need the currency to manage all your expense in that country and using airport’s ATM is the most convenient way to get local currency with minimum exchanges rates.

#4 Not Having Enough Info About Your Destination

Make sure you research the place you are going to visit. Research a list of thing to do and not to do while visit a particular place. This way you know how to keep you from unnecessary things and people. If it is an unknown island them keep a map of that place.

#5 Not Signing Up For The Travel Insurance

It is not a smart option to travel with travel insurance. You May face trouble in your next adventure so keeping travel insurance keeps you safe from any misfortune in other countries. Make sure you read all the terms well before signing up. If Puerto Vallarta is your next destination, then get a vacation villa in Puerto Vallarta here and enjoy your adventure like never before.…

Best Tips for Taking Your Dog on a Long Road Trip

Traveling with pets is an adventure itself, and a long road trip with your dog sounds really exciting. But at the same time, little planning requires to make it a happy memory. Just keep in mind certain things that are discussed below in this case.

  1. Take break frequently

If you are traveling by yourself, stop every couple of hours and check whether your dog needs break for toilet or water. You can run around with your dog a little in this break to make the thing easy for her.

  1. Pack with a plan

Your list should include your pet’s favorite blanket or bed, poop bags, food bowl, water bowl, bottled water, best dog food for picky eaters in resealable plastic container or packets, extra leash and collar with identification tag, its favorite toys, wipes, first aid and required medicines.

  1. Plan your hotels

As you are on a long road trip, it may take several days. Do research on pet-friendly hotels on your route and then plan your stops more carefully so that you might not get into trouble with your pet. You can find pet-friendly websites on the internet for the required information. Call the hotels directly and book your stays in advance.

  1. Pet safety harness

Do not allow your dog on the front seat or in your lap and not let its head stick out of the window to avoid accidents. You can place him either in a pet safety harnesses clipped with the seat belt in the middle seats or in pet carriers. Also, check that he is tied to be fixed in place.

  1. Select odd times for dinner

Select off-peak times to eat in restaurants with the dog where a pet is permitted. Tie your dog with 4-6 foot leash with the leg of a chair to avoid any type of disturbance to be created. Take a brisk walk of 30 minutes before you take him to a public place.


9 Tips for Taking Your Dog on a Long Road Trip

8 Tips for Taking a Road Trip with Your Pet

How To Travel Abroad On A Low Budget

Traveling can be a lot of fun and quite expensive too. For all those travel lovers who have been holding back simply because of the cost factor, this is a dreamguides article that can give you tips on how to travel on a low budget:


Do a good research about the places you are interested in. Many places have an off season when the costs are much lesser. You can go to these must-see places during an off season. Not only will you be spending lesser money but you can get your money’s worth as there will be a lesser crowd. When you have few tourists around, you get to see and enjoy the places better. You can even click nice photos without waiting for the right spot to get free.


Many places offer packaged tours and services. Enquire about them on their websites or give them a call. It is safer to book such packages from your hometown as you will be communicating with the travel agent in your city. However, if you go to the destination and book with a local tour guide or an agency, it will work out much cheaper. The only road block could be communication if you are going to a foreign language speaking country.

Also, get quotations from more than one agency, so that you can have a comparison and choose the best option.


Backpacking can be fun and very pocket-friendly. It is a whole new experience for those who are used to planned travel. When you go backpacking, you get to live the life local live, experience their lifestyle and stay in places close by. You will be walking into a shared accommodation, hostels or a bread and breakfast type of establishments. It can be a great learning experience too.…

What Kind of Campervan Should You Get for Next Road Trip?

I discovered the real pleasure of having the cake and eating it too when I hired a campervan for me and my husband for a trip around Scotland; nothing comes close to the experience. It is a heady combination of embracing and enjoying the wild outdoors with the comforts of your own bed and your own kitchen; it must find a place in everyone’s bucket list.

So, if you have decided that your next holiday is in a campervan, here are few guidelines on choosing the right vehicle.

  1. Must be comfortable to drive: Driving vans requires more skill than your everyday car. Hence, when you select a vehicle to choose one that you are able to drive and maneuver in hilly terrain and narrow roads and by lanes.
  2. It must be self-sufficient: Look out for a van where the power for all the necessary facilities is met from the vehicle and you do not need any external power source. This way all your shower, heating and kitchen will be taken care of at all times.
  3. Must be large: You must choose a campervan size depending on the number of people traveling on it. Always choose a size larger than what it is advised for the number of people traveling. This way you can maximize the moving space and have more storage space. Look for options with drop down beds which disappear in the morning leaving the space clutter-free. Similarly look for swivel front seats.
  4. Must have Shower and Toilet facilities: Ensure that the bathroom combines the shower and the toilet as it maximizes the space and is also more fuel efficient.
  5. Finally, ensure that the air conditioning is working well and the water storage is sufficient.

Take your time to choose because it is a matter of comfort and convenience when you are on the road.…