How To Travel Abroad On A Low Budget

Traveling can be a lot of fun and quite expensive too. For all those travel lovers who have been holding back simply because of the cost factor, this is a dreamguides article that can give you tips on how to travel on a low budget:


Do a good research about the places you are interested in. Many places have an off season when the costs are much lesser. You can go to these must-see places during an off season. Not only will you be spending lesser money but you can get your money’s worth as there will be a lesser crowd. When you have few tourists around, you get to see and enjoy the places better. You can even click nice photos without waiting for the right spot to get free.


Many places offer packaged tours and services. Enquire about them on their websites or give them a call. It is safer to book such packages from your hometown as you will be communicating with the travel agent in your city. However, if you go to the destination and book with a local tour guide or an agency, it will work out much cheaper. The only road block could be communication if you are going to a foreign language speaking country.

Also, get quotations from more than one agency, so that you can have a comparison and choose the best option.


Backpacking can be fun and very pocket-friendly. It is a whole new experience for those who are used to planned travel. When you go backpacking, you get to live the life local live, experience their lifestyle and stay in places close by. You will be walking into a shared accommodation, hostels or a bread and breakfast type of establishments. It can be a great learning experience too.…

What Kind of Campervan Should You Get for Next Road Trip?

I discovered the real pleasure of having the cake and eating it too when I hired a campervan for me and my husband for a trip around Scotland; nothing comes close to the experience. It is a heady combination of embracing and enjoying the wild outdoors with the comforts of your own bed and your own kitchen; it must find a place in everyone’s bucket list.

So, if you have decided that your next holiday is in a campervan, here are few guidelines on choosing the right vehicle.

  1. Must be comfortable to drive: Driving vans requires more skill than your everyday car. Hence, when you select a vehicle to choose one that you are able to drive and maneuver in hilly terrain and narrow roads and by lanes.
  2. It must be self-sufficient: Look out for a van where the power for all the necessary facilities is met from the vehicle and you do not need any external power source. This way all your shower, heating and kitchen will be taken care of at all times.
  3. Must be large: You must choose a campervan size depending on the number of people traveling on it. Always choose a size larger than what it is advised for the number of people traveling. This way you can maximize the moving space and have more storage space. Look for options with drop down beds which disappear in the morning leaving the space clutter-free. Similarly look for swivel front seats.
  4. Must have Shower and Toilet facilities: Ensure that the bathroom combines the shower and the toilet as it maximizes the space and is also more fuel efficient.
  5. Finally, ensure that the air conditioning is working well and the water storage is sufficient.

Take your time to choose because it is a matter of comfort and convenience when you are on the road.…