How Couples Plan Their Holiday: Are You the Producer or the Director?

The reality of a majority of couples’ life is that there is always one dominant member in the relationship; one who calls the shots. There are times when the roles reverse but that is rare and uncommon. The one time the true character or capabilities of a person come to the forefront is when they travel together.

Planning a holiday as a couple is not easy. Many couples usually have the worst showdowns during a vacation and the blame game often ends in separation.

So, for those looking for some advice read on.

A vacation as a couple must be treated like a business trip where both the parties must be equally involved and contribute significantly to their time, money and insight. You should don specific roles -one can take the complete responsibility of booking tickets, talking to the hotels for reservations and coordinating with the hotel for sightseeing.

Partner two can take over the arrangements in the location by planning a comprehensive itinerary for each day of the stay.

Both the roles require patience, time and reading through umpteen reviews on various travel websites for good deals and travel advice. Incidentally, you can check out Lockthecock for more information on traveling as a couple.

Why spoil you’re romantic together when a little forethought, sufficient planning, and healthy discussion can smoothen the process of holiday planning. If things can’t be shared then you can assume the roles of the director and the producer. While one of you decides the budget the other can do the hard work of a director and do the groundwork for a satiating and a satisfying holiday.

Remember each of you is making the decision based on a few reviews and pictures on Instagram or Facebook; reality can be very different from what you visualize or see online. Hence, don’t be hard on your partner for things that go wrong. Nobody wants to spoil a vacation, a romantic one at that. Have the heart to laugh when things turn out bad and go for some retakes in the upcoming holidays.