How to Stop Worrying About Work When You Go on Holiday

We are strange; umm sometimes!

When we are at work, we love to go on adventurous hikes and enjoy water washing our feet. But when we are there at the shore when only sunbathing should be on our mind, we think of what has conspired at the office meeting scheduled that day!

Of course, I have always been this weird!

I am passionate about the work I do which is a wonderful attribute on most days but not exactly when I am on a holiday.

I don’t mind unwinding for a couple of days but I have realized that two days into my vacation, I begin stressing about the work at the office and what opportunities I might be missing. To add to the misery I keep checking on the official website and colleagues that does not help too much!

I decided to take matters into my hand when I read about it on a fantastic website called exit-5. It said that I needed to clearly demarcate my boundaries before I leave for vacation. Writing down and affirming it once again to myself did wonders and I clearly gave standing instructions to all my colleagues via email that they should not disturb me with any kind of trivial issues unless there is an earthquake and we were going to lose all our data on the server; the exact verbatim examples that I preferred to give them. I also made it clear that they should not entertain my emails if I happen to ask them “what’s up” at the office. They can simply read it or let it sit in their inbox till the date that I return to re-join. I am sure they were amused and probably had a hearty laugh! But of course!!

Also, I needed to be able to detox myself after the vacation, so I had to eat healthily and drink lots of fluids before I touched down so that no nasty surprises were waiting for me at the office in the form of the dope test! Of course, there are tricks and tips at that website that I mentioned above. Read it, folks, you never know when it can be useful!!